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RTI Bridge is proud to be the first pre-engineered, pre-fabricated modular steel bridge design build fabricator to offer pre-cast concrete deck panels with our modular steel bridges.


Through creativity and innovation our team of fabricators and engineers has finally created a pre-cast concrete deck panel for our steel bridges. To you this means increased ease of installation, lower maintenance and longer life. A RTI bridge with this decking can be installed by semi-skilled labor in hours...not days. 


Concrete decking has multiple advantages, including:  

  • Eliminates Costly Deck Maintenance Compared to Wood, Gravel or Asphalt Wearing Surface
  • Eliminates Costly on Site Asphalt or Concrete Application to Steel Deck
  • Delivered in 5' wide x 14' or 16' panels weighing less than 8,000 LBS EA.
  • Installed Using On Site Equipment/Excavators
  • Removes the Risk of Sediment Flow to Streams
  • Pre-Engineering Offers: Shorter Lead Times/Lower Design Costs
  • Concrete Deck is Crowned and Tapered
  • Installation Very Simple and Fast, Completed by Semi-Skilled Labor
  • Weathering Steel and Concrete Deck Creates an Aesthetically Appropriate Bridge for the West